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 Lillbacka, USA

Q: Why is having a factory trained company so important?


A: Great question, in this economy we all understand the importance to pinch pennies and cut operations costs but what are you really risking by having an unauthorized service tech work on your machines?  

First of all if they break the machine, your insurance probably will not cover the damages and who knows if the company you hired will stand behind their technitions work?  So you could be down for days while you try to find another service company to help you.  

Second, the parts that another company will be aftermarket and may not fit right, need to be forced, or will not hold up as long as the OEM parts would, leading you to break down, yet again down the road.

Also, Lillbacka, USA will not honor any warrenty after work has been done by an unauthorized service center.

pipe forming, hose splicing

About Lillbacka

D.R. EPIC has been partnered with Lillbacka, USA home of the FinnPower crimpers for three years. They provide you with sales in MN, ND, and SD. We also have a partnership with the only service company in Minnesota that is an authorized & factory trained company to service the Lillbacka/FinnPower crimpers in CO, IL, NE, SD, MN, WI, and IA at a fair rate. Call today for a quote of service or sale.

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