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Precise Inspection & Design

     We offer a quality control process and engineering services using our InspecVision for the accuracy of parts to ensure your satisfaction. It is offered to single customers or large companies at their request. Inspection reports can be performed using the process which then can be printed on an easy to read report and sent with the prototype to the customer.

InspecVision can also be used for converting hand drawings, Images, or parts that do not have a .dxf file into digital .dxf's that can be ready to manufacture.

Part Design

Our staff at D.R.Epic-TMS can make any part to satisfy your needs, simply send us one or more of these and we will be on our way.

-Copy of part

-All measurements of part

-Template/Rough draft of part

-Part itself

-.dxf file

-.dwg file

-.pdf file


You may request a preview of your drawn part for pre-approval before continuing with the cutting or milling process.

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