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     D.R.Epic-TMS is known for our quality and diversity of flat sheet laser cutting. We have the ability to cut mild steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, diamond plate, galvanized steel & aluminum. We use different assist gasses which allows us to meet the high expectations customers may have. Our shop features two FinnPower L6 laser cutting machines. They offer true precision in high-speed laser cutting for sheet metal, creating enhanced production with superior speed, part quality and accuracy. The machines can process sheets of steel approximately up to 60 inches x 120 inches with a max sheet thickness of 1 inch. (cutting thicknesses may differ on selected steel)




Examples of what we can do: 

Vintage out of production or hard to find parts, home decor, large metal signs, arches for your driveway, trailer parts, fishhouse parts, and so much more! We are always happy to design parts in our AutoCAD system or you can provide a .dxf file of your specifications.



Donation of Fallen Soldier

                                                          Web Link

Here at D.R. Epic-TMS we are very proud of our service men and women (pictures are of Dean presenting a donated Fallen Soldier to Millerville, MN)

FinnPower L6 Machine

Laser Cutting Solutions

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